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    Embattled Designer John Galliano Wins Cyber-squatting Case

    Designer John Galliano, who was recently fired by fashion house Christian Dior for alleged anti-Semitic remarks, won a cyber-squatting case yesterday. An arbitrator ruled Galliano had trademark rights to his internationally recognized name and ordered the disputed to be transferred to him within 10 days, Reuters said. “It is obvious that the defending party […] More

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    Ford Sues Ferrari for Cyber Squatting, Name Theft

    Ford has filed a $100,000 lawsuit against Ferrari, alleging infringes on cyber-squatting laws, with respect to Ford’s F-150 pickup truck and the name of Ferrari’s new Formula 1 car. According to Autoblog UK, Ferrari said it was “speechless” and a Ford spokesman told the blog, “It is now a legal matter, so it is […] More

  • Cameroon Looks to Increase Cybersecurity - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    Cameroon Looks to Increase Cybersecurity

    Cameroon, presently home of the most risky Internet websites according to McAfee, is looking to revamp its image. The West African country is looking to improve Internet security for websites hosted in Cameroon. The domain names registered in Cameroon have a “.cm” on the end, which cyber criminals exploit in cybersquatting campaigns, appearing as legitimate […] More

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    Cyber Jargon YOU Need To Know

    As the use of the internet and technology grows, so do its terms and definitions. Here is a rundown of today’s most frequently used cyber terms. We left something out? Please feel free to leave a comment below to further enhance our ‘cyber jargon’ glossary. Authentication: Confirms that a computer program or individual attempting to […] More

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    Cyber Cemetery: The Final Resting Place for Government Websites

    What happens to previous administration websites once a new administration moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Most government websites are promptly  deleted from the world wide web; causing final destruction of former administration  information and documents. Librarians at the University of North Texas Library work to preserve former administration websites in order to maintain complete access to the public. Some previous administration ‘dead websites’ […] More

  • Cameroon Looks to Increase Cybersecurity - top government contractors - best government contracting event
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    Jay Leno Wins Rights to Domain Name

    The United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ruled that Jay Leno has common trademark rights to his name after a 30-year career in show business. The domain name had previously been used by Texas real-estate agent Guadalupe Zambrano since 2004 to promote his business. WIPO argued that Zambrano registered the site in “bad faith” and now has 10 days to surrender […] More

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