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NASA Receives Full-Scale Mockup of Blue Origin-Led National Team’s Human Landing System

National Team HLS mockup

A Blue Origin-led team has handed over to NASA an engineering mockup of a human landing system that could bring astronauts to the lunar surface. Blue Origin was one of the three prime contractors tapped by NASA in late April to develop a landing platform in support of the agency’s Artemis moon mission in 2024 and the company said Thursday that it works with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Draper as part of the HLS National Team.

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NASA’s Lunar Payload Delivery Support Contract Paves Way for Industry Partnerships

Some industry executives have said that NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services program has provided companies an opportunity to advance their technology platforms and form partnerships with additional firms, SpaceNews reported Thursday. “Going back to the moon with commercial technology opens the floodgates,” said Grant Anderson, president, CEO and co-founder of …

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Draper Forms Team to Pursue NASA’s Next Lunar Exploration Project

Draper has teamed up with three other companies to bid for a project to build small exploration vehicles and scientific instruments to help NASA explore the moon’s surface. Cambridge, Mass.-based Draper said Tuesday it will lead an industry team composed of General Atomics’ electromagnetic systems group, ispace and Spaceflight Industries to pursue the space agency’s Commercial Lunar …

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Draper to Build Implantable Device for Prosthetic Limb Users Under DARPA-Funded Program

Draper will work to develop an implantable device to help give a sense of feeling and proprioception to patients that use prosthetic limbs under a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency-funded program. Draper said Tuesday the University of Texas-Southwestern has conducted tests on the Hand Proprioception and Touch Interfaces program that involved electrode component in animal studies …

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Next Century to Help IARPA Develop SIGINT-Based Event Forecasting Tool

Next Century has received a three-year contract from the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity to develop a signals intelligence-based tool that will work to forecast societal events as part of IARPA’s Mercury Program. The SIGINT-based Anticipation of Future Events technology will be built to detect and predict terrorist or military activities, civil unrest and rare …

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