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ARINC Expands Middle East Operations With Dubai Office

ARINC Direct recently announced its opening a new office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, further expanding its Middle East operations. Sales Manager Stefan Nicolov, who has been with the firm since 2007,  will open the new office. According to ARINC Direct, Nicolov has been instrumental in the expansion and adoption …

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Cyber Warfare Creates New Opportunities in Middle East

The United States and the United Kingdom have had much-publicized increases in cybersecurity. Other nations are also following suit, particularly in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are increasing the amount of funds available to strengthen their cybersecurity. “It is a dynamic place to watch,” said …

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IT Giants Launch Cyber Initiative for Young Emirati Girls

Despite the highest number of female Internet users of the Arab states in the Gulf, young women in the United Arab Emirates are especially susceptible to becoming victims of cyber crime, something the Dubai government and U.S. IT companies hope to change by launching the inaugural TechnoGirls event. While many …

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