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Google vs. Microsoft: Health IT

$20 Billion in UK healthcare IT spending for Google or Microsoft? In the UK,  Conservative Party leader David Cameron has made it clear that he wants to scrap the Labour Party government’s “centrally determined and unresponsive” plan for a $20 billion national health data network, in favor of Google Health …

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Boeing Beefs Up Cyber Presence

On Monday, Boeing announced that it had signed a deal to buy Fairfax-based eXMeritus, a producer of secure information sharing hardware and software.  This builds on last years’ purchases of Digital Receiver Technology, Ravenwing and Kestrel Enterprises.  Also, on June 9 Boeing Intelligence and Security Systems (I&SS) demonstrated its cybersecurity capabilities …

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Knight Kiplinger speaks at Potomac Officers Club

His name is synonymous with personal finance. For over two decades, Knight Kiplinger has been been known as one of America’s most respected economic journalists and business forecasters. This past Thursday — as the government reported more unemployment claims had been filed that week than at any other time in …

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