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  • Survey: Global Variations in Online-Threat Perception“Ž, Few Understand Term 'Rogueware' - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    Survey: Global Variations in Online-Threat Perception“Ž, Few Understand Term 'Rogueware'

    A survey commissioned by F-Secure in Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Poland, Sweden, the UK and the United States has uncovered some intriguing international variations in how Internet users perceive threats. Asked how concerned they are about their online privacy and data security, Germans (77 percent) and Malaysians (73 percent) expressed the most concern, while the Swedes […] More

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    Zeus Trojan Spreading Through Zip Files

    The Zeus Trojan is back again, looking to spread through zip files. Zeus, which is one of the most commonly found pieces of malware, is believed to be one of the most prevalent on the Internet, infected millions of users. Researchers with F-Secure have found a new spam set working to disseminate the Zeus malware […] More

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    Facebook Recommends Spam Profiles to Users

    A feature on Facebook designed to suggest new friends to users is also pushing spam profiles, according to security researchers. Researchers with F-Secure say the “People You May Know” section of Facebook appears to utilize search history in providing options for possible new connections. “I frequently search for spam related keywords, and today, two spam […] More

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    Jailbreak Exploit for iPhone Targets PDF

    Following the recent ruling by the Library of Congress’ Patent Office,  an app called JailbreakMe 2.0 has become available that enables users to jailbreak the iPhone and iPod touch. The app uses a PDF exploit for approximately 20 different combinations of hardware and software, according to security researchers at F-Secure. Charlie Miller of Independent Security […] More

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    Fake Anti-Virus Pretends to be Firefox/Flash Update to Dupe Users

    Fake anti-virus slingers utilize a variety of methods to convince unsuspecting users to download and pay for their products, including using scareware tactics. However, scammers have now found a new method that fakes the Firefox “Just Updated” page which appears after Firefox has been updated, according to researchers with F-Secure. “There is a message telling […] More

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    Researchers Find New Cyber Espionage Attack

    Security researchers have found a new exploit which is being used in targeted espionage attacks. The attacks utilize a USB device as the attack vector, according to researchers at F-Secure. “The rootkit uses a LNK file that infects the operating system when viewed by an icon rendering file explorer such as Windows Explorer or Total […] More

  • Smarter Security for the Smartphone - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    Smarter Security for the Smartphone

    With the increasing number of smartphone theft and incidents with malware attacking mobile platforms, computer security businesses have realized the demand for a service that will protect consumers’ privacy and personal information. In an effort to protect consumers from losing vital information stored on their cellphones, F-Secure has launched a product that makes it possible […] More

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    Cyber Attacks via Excel?

    In order to conduct cyber espionage, miscreants need to find a way to access victims’ computers remotely. This often takes the form of sending an infected document, generally a PDF, to the victim. A new targeted attack has been discovered by researchers at F-Secure who look to take advantage of people’s greater trust in Excel […] More

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    Twitter Accounts Hacked

    More than 1,000 Twitter accounts have been compromised by hackers, according to F-Secure researchers. The hacked accounts are subsequently used to tweet “Hacked By Turkish Hackers.” The researchers are currently unclear how the hacking attack is spreading. However, it appears that significant numbers of compromised accounts are owned by Israelis. Researcher Mikko Hyponnen suggests “Perhaps […] More

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    World Cup Good for Spammers

    The World Cup begins today and spammers have already joined the party, releasing spam messages that target individuals searching for World Cup information. Presently, the amount of World Cup-related spam is relatively small compared to total spam amounts but it has increased, according to F-Secure. “It’s still just a small percentage of spam overall (under […] More

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    Dude, Where is My Virtual Sofa?

    If theft in the real world was not bad enough, thieves are now stealing virtual objects. Finnish police are investigating several hundred cases of theft, with some individuals reporting the loss of up to 1,000 euros worth of virtual furniture and other items, BBC reports. Habbo Hotel, a virtual world where users meet friends and […] More

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    2010 Sees Upswing in Arrests, Prosecution of Cyber Criminals

    F-Secure yesterday released the first part of its 2010 security review, which notes a significant success in arresting and prosecuting cyber criminals around the world, a development the company hopes will be a permanent move for law enforcement to identify, seize and prosecute cyber criminals. Before the Internet, drug trafficking, money laundering and smuggling were […] More

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