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Virgin Galactic’s Piloted Spacecraft Carries NASA Tech Payloads in Suborbital Flight Test

Virgin Galactic has completed a flight test of a company-built manned space vehicle carrying four NASA technology experiments to suborbital space. The agency said Thursday SpaceShipTwo‘s payloads were designed to examine the behavior of dust particles on planetary surfaces, the effects of microgravity on life support systems and plant growth, …

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NASA Eyes 15 Space Tech Platforms for Low-Gravity Simulations; Jim Bridenstine Quoted

NASA will immerse 15 new potential space technologies in low-gravity simulating experiments using commercial aircraft, high-altitude balloons and suborbital rockets as part of the Flight Opportunities program. The space agency said Wednesday the effort will help mature the selected technologies for future space operations. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine noted that …

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NASA Tests Mars Rover Navigation System Aboard Masten Space Systems-Built Rocket

NASA has tested the future Mars rover’s camera-based navigation system aboard a rocket-powered test platform built by Masten Space Systems. The agency said Tuesday Xombie carried a prototype of the Mars 2020 rover’s Lander Vision System 1,066 feet into the air to perform a precise landing at a predesignated target. LVS works to direct a spacecraft to …

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