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Raytheon-Built Navigation Payload Integrated Into FAA’s GEO 5 Wide Area Augmentation System

Raytheon has integrated a navigation payload into the Federal Aviation Administration‘s Wide Area Augmentation System that works to support global positioning system functions. Geosynchronous Earth Orbiting 5‘s payload is designed to address GPS satellite signal ionospheric disturbances, timing issues and minor orbit adjustments, the company said Thursday. The technology is part of …

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Bob Mehltretter: Lockheed Taps Northrop Attitude Control Instrument for 5th SBIRS Satellite

Lockheed Martin has selected Northrop Grumman‘s Scalable Space Inertial Reference Unit to bring attitude control and sensor stabilization functions to the U.S. Air Force‘s fifth Space-Based Infrared System geosynchronous Earth orbit satellite. Bob Mehltretter, vice president of navigation and positioning systems at Northrop’s electronic systems sector, said Tuesday that the award continues his company’s support for the …

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Anne Ostroff: Northrop Lands Subcontract for SBIRS Satellite 5, 6 Payloads

Lockheed Martin has tasked Northrop Grumman to provide sensor payloads for the fifth and sixth geosynchronous Earth orbit satellites in the U.S. Air Force‘s Space Based Infrared System under a $422 million subcontract. “Northrop Grumman looks forward to joining our partner and prime contractor, Lockheed Martin, to produce the GEO-5/6 IR payloads,” Anne Ostroff, vice …

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