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    NSA Opens Georgia Cryptologic Facility

    The National Security Agency opened a new cryptology facility in Augusta, Ga. March 5 to provide professionals with advanced signal technologies. The Georgia Cryptologic Center is a $286 million facility for conducting signals intelligence operations. The agency said in a release that the center is for global communications and cryptologic workforce training. The Georgia-based cryptologic center is […] More

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    Former IT Admin Pleads Guilty to Cyber Attack

    A Georgia man pleaded guilty this week to hacking the computer system of Shionogi, Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of a Japanese pharmaceutical company, and wreaking havoc on its internal servers. According to federal prosecutors in New Jersey, Jason Cornish, 37, admitted to using a public server in Smyrna, Ga., to infiltrate the network of the […] More

  • Verizon-sponsored Health IT Summit to Kick Off in Fall 2011 - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    Verizon-sponsored Health IT Summit to Kick Off in Fall 2011

    As part of a combined effort by Georgia’s Department of Economic Development, the Metro Atlanta Chamber and the Technology Association of Georgia, the second annual Health IT Leadership Summit will be held this fall in Georgia to support the programs and initiatives that drive innovation in today’s health IT industry. Sponsored by Verizon Wireless, the […] More

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    Not Your Usual Hacker: Elderly Woman Inadvertently Cuts Off Internet Service for Entire Nation

    Apparently Bingo was too boring for this grandma. A 75-year-old woman in the former Soviet Georgia is in trouble with the law after she allegedly cut off Internet service to neighboring Armenia by severing fiber-optic cables with a shovel, AFP reported. Internet service for Armenia was down for hours March 28 after the fiber-optic cables […] More

  • Global Cyber War Could Be 'Worse Than a Tsunami' - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    Global Cyber War Could Be 'Worse Than a Tsunami'

    International cyberwar would be “worse than a tsunami” and should be avoided by a global cybersecurity peace treaty, said the head of the International Telecommunications Union Hamadoun Touré. Touré, who serves as secretary-general of the U.N. agency, has targeted cybersecurity issues in his electoral pledges. Speaking in London yesterday, he said he had proposed such […] More

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    Singapore Gets Cyber Agency

    The government of Singapore has set up its own cybersecurity agency, known as Singapore Infocomm Technology Security Authority. The agency will be responsible for dealing with cyber threats targeting people in Singapore. According to government officials, the need for a cybersecurity agency was highlighted by the attacks against Georgia, Estonia, the United States, and South […] More

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    Hackers Use Social Media, Stolen IDs to Perform Cyber Attacks

    New research suggests that during last year’s five-day war between Russia and Georgia, Russian hackers used a combination of hijacked American identities and U.S. software tools to carry out an attack on Georgian governmental websites. A major issue with cyber warfare is that current military and international agreements do not yet account for the use […] More

  • Feds Are "In-Sourcing" GovCon Jobs...Get Used to It? - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    Feds Are “In-Sourcing” GovCon Jobs…Get Used to It?

    In-Sourcing: two hyphenated words with the power to strike fear into the hearts of government contractors.  While it’s true that at a basic level, in-sourcing means fewer jobs contracted out to private industry and therefore fewer contracting dollars, proponents say the news isn’t all bad.  Here are some thoughts from local, recognizable leaders of government and […] More

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    Massive DDoS Attack On Twitter: Russian and Georgia Suspicion

    Twitter was briefly shut down Thursday morning due to a massive denial-of-service attack (DDoS). The hacker/hackers are unknown, suggested perpetrators  have ranged from tech savvy individuals to Russian or Georgian sympathizers. The attack on Thursday marks exactly one year since the Russian-Georgia conflict.  Similar attacks were found in LiveJournal, another social networking site. Facebook is “looking […] More

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