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    New Facebook Scam Promises Morbid Video

    A currently spreading Facebook scam is exploiting the morbid curiousness of some, enticing the social networking crowd into clicking on a virally spreading fake video link, ZDNet reports. Users who clicked on the “Photographer commited SUICIDE 3 days after shooting THIS video” link were redirected to a fake Facebook screen, where they were asked to […] More

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    Missouri Politicos Hacked

    A handful of Missouri lawmakers have reported having their Facebook accounts hacked since the beginning of the year. Graham Cluley writes on the NakedSecurity blog some have speculated the hackers took advantage of a free, unsecured wireless network to sidejack state representatives’ Facebook accounts and post messages such as, “I love lobbyist! All the free […] More

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    US — Worst. Spammer. Ever.

    A new report by Sophos has revealed the top 12 spam-producing countries, and once again, the United States was tagged with the dubious distinction of placing first. “Many members of the public still don’t understand the vital role that they can play in fighting spam – preventing their home PC from becoming infected,” Sophos’ Graham […] More

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    Stuxnet, an Inside Job?

    The Stuxnet worm blamed for infecting hundreds of thousands computers and critical infrastructure in Iran could have been an inside job, according to security experts. Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, told the malware could have been created by someone with detailed knowledge of Siemens’ computer systems, possibly a current or former employee. […] More

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    Twitter Worm Spreads Vulgar Messages

    In the light of the Stuxnet malware, a newly discovered worm spreading vulgar tweets may seem on the humorous side. However, those affected by this malicious code are not laughing, having seen how the virus spread messages saying they liked having inappropriate relations with goats, Sophos reports. Twitter users found their accounts were posting the […] More

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    Report Reveals Lax Attitudes toward Cyber Warfare

    A new report by Sophos indicates a relaxed attitude to state-sponsored cyber crime with a majority of respondents saying it is OK for their country to spy on other nations by hacking or installing malware. The Sophos Security Threat Report Mid-Year 2010 reveals how 63 percent of those polled believe it is acceptable for their […] More

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