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Insitu Extends Licensing Agreement for Vigilance-Built ISR Training Software; Mark Bauman Quoted

Mark Bauman VP of Global Growth Insitu

Boeing's Insitu subsidiary has extended its licensing agreement with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance company Vigilance to continue deploying the latter's ISR training system to operators worldwide. Insitu said Wednesday the companies signed the agreement in 2019 to integrate Vigilance's software with Insitu's Catalina and TacitView full-motion video platforms to develop courseware unique to Insitu's architecture.

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Five Contractors Shortlisted for Australian Maritime UAS Requirement

Naval drone

Australia has downselected BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon Technologies, Textron Systems and the Insitu subsidiary of Boeing for the next phase of the country's program to buy maritime-based unmanned aircraft systems. All five contractors are eligible to pursue block one of a maritime UAS continuous development project called SEA 129 Phase 5, the Australian defense department said Tuesday.

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Boeing Subsidiary Conducts Tests for UAV Electric Fuel Cell, Liquid Hydrogen Tank


Boeing's Insitu subsidiary held a flight demonstration for the ScanEagle3 unmanned aerial vehicle in December to evaluate the drone's initial performance traits such as climb rate and aerodynamic characteristics. The company said Sunday the UAV was equipped with an all-electric, hydrogen-fueled proton exchange membrane fuel cell during the test to power its flight.

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Coast Guard Wants to Deploy Insitu-Built UAS on National Security Cutters

Adm. Karl Schultz, commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, has said the military service should equip all of its national security cutters with the ScanEagle unmanned aircraft system to aid in maritime operations, Military.com reported Monday. USCG awarded Boeing‘s Insitu subsidiary a $117M contract in June to provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance services to …

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Insitu Seeks FAA Type Certification for ScanEagle UAS Variant

Boeing's Insitu subsidiary has completed an interim board meeting with the Federal Aviation Administration as part of efforts to obtain type certification for the ScanEagle3 unmanned aerial system. Insitu said Tuesday multiple FAA teams visited the UAS maker’s Bingen, Wash., headquarters and examined its “detect-and-avoid” capability plan, model-based engineering process and safety management …

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Insitu, University of Alaska Fairbanks Obtain FAA Approval for Autonomous BVLOS Test Flights

Boeing‘s Insitu subsidiary and the University of Alaska Fairbanks have received permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct unmanned beyond-visual-line-of-sight and nighttime test flights. The effort will help authorize autonomous drone flights in the National Airspace System, at or below an altitude of 400 feet, Insitu said Wednesday. Esina …

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Insitu to Support DOI’s Fire Suppression Operations With UAS

Boeing‘s Insitu subsidiary has received a contract to deploy the ScanEagle unmanned aerial system to aid the Interior Department in fire suppression efforts. Insitu said Wednesday it will also support DOI’s manned aerial operations that include search and rescue, emergency management and other missions across 48 U.S. states and Alaska. ScanEagle is designed with infrared …

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Insitu, University Team Up to Support FAA UAS Integration Pilot Program

Boeing‘s Insitu subsidiary has partnered with the University of Alaska Fairbanks for an effort to help state, local and tribal governments integrate the use of unmanned aircraft systems into the country’s airspace. The partnership will work to support the Federal Aviation Administration‘s UAS Integration Pilot Program, which aims to develop new aviation regulations for unmanned aircraft …

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Insitu to Provide UAS Curriculum Training, Support for University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota has expanded a partnership with Boeing‘s Insitu subsidiary in a move to expand UND’s unmanned aircraft system curriculum and fleet. Insitu said Wednesday the university will incorporate Catalina, INEXA Control and TacitView software platforms into its aviation program by fall 2019, UND also intends to adopt the ScanEagle 3 platform to augment …

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Insitu Gets Navy Order for Afghan UAS, Equipment & Support Services

Boeing‘s Insitu subsidiary has received a $47 million delivery order from the U.S. Navy to provide eight ScanEagle unmanned aircraft systems, spares and support equipment to Afghanistan as part of a Building Partnership Capacity mission. Insitu will also deploy one logistician field service representative, 16 technical support operators and two site surveys and site activation …

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