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Enveil Announces Series A Funding Round for Data Protection Tool

Data security firm Enveil has raised $10M in a round of Series A financing led by C5 Capital and supported by several investors including Capital One Ventures, Mastercard, 1843 Capital and Bloomberg Beta. Enveil said Tuesday it will use the investment to expand its ZeroReveal product line, build up its global sales team and client support functions and broaden its presence in government and commercial markets.

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More Space Startups See US Government as Potential Customer

Industry experts said space startups are engaging more with the U.S. government as they see it as a client and as an investor, SpaceNews reported Thursday. “We saw many firms overtly or less overtly turn towards government as a potential customer," Carissa Christensen, CEO of analyst firm Bryce Space & Technology, said Tuesday at a Washington Space Business Roundtable event.

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In-Q-Tel, Tamr Partner to Develop Machine Learning-Based Data Unification Software

In-Q-Tel and Tamr have formed a strategic partnership that seeks to help government agencies address data unification challenges with the use of a machine learning-based technology. IQT said Wednesday it will help the company further develop and field its patented enterprise software platform Tamr Unify, which uses machine learning and human expertise to unify data across multiple silos to generate insights.

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