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Textron Releases Initial Navy Ship-to-Shore Connector Vehicles

Ship-to-Shore Connector

Textron Systems has deployed two new air-cushion vehicles to the sea after a series of acceptance trials with the U.S. Navy. Ship-to-Shore Connector Craft 100 and Landing Craft Air Cushion 101 took the final leg of the vessels' trip to the Panama City, Florida-based Naval Surface Warfare Center after departure from a company-run shipyard in New Orleans, Textron said Wednesday.

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Army Seeks New Landing Craft Provider

The U.S. Army has started work to find a company to build a 100-foot-long landing craft for the Abrams main battle tank as the military branch seeks to retire a predecessor 74-foot landing ship, Defense News reported Wednesday. Christopher Cavas writes the Army has released a request for proposals for a …

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