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Harris to Sustain B-52, C-130 Electronic Warfare Tech Under $55M Air Force Contract

Harris has secured a $55 million contract to help the U.S. Air Force sustain an electronic warfare system that works to protect B-52 strategic bombers and C-130 military transport aircraft against radar-guided threats. The company said Monday its team will redesign a line-replaceable unit of the ALQ-172 self-protection system as well as provide software development …

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Phil Alvarez: Raytheon Expects to Complete Development Work on Digital TOW Launcher in 2018

Phil Alvarez, a Raytheon official, has said the company has built a launcher system designed for tube-launched, optically tracked, wireless-guided missiles, Defense News reported Wednesday. Jen Judson writes Alvarez, a senior manager for missile systems at Raytheon, described the TOW Eagle Fire launcher platform at the Special Operations Forces Exhibition …

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