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Elon Musk Projects SpaceX’s Starship Trip to Mars; Robert Zubrin Quoted

SpaceX Starship

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, said the company has begun preparations to develop a permanent human settlement on Mars with SpaceX's Starship rocket. Musk has projected that SpaceX's first uncrewed mission to Mars could occur in a minimum of four years. SpaceX's Starship vehicle is a reusable rocket-and-spacecraft combo that is currently under development at the company's South Texas facility.

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Space Systems Loral Division to Construct Camera Focus Mechanisms for NASA Mars 2020 Rover

A division of Space Systems Loral will design and build camera focus mechanisms for NASA and a program teammate to use on one of the space agency’s Mars exploration instruments. MDA US Systems developed the focus mechanism for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory partner Malin Space Systems to be integrated on the Mars 2020 Rover instrument, SSL said Friday. Malin …

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SSL to Design Spacecraft for Asteroid Mission Under NASA JPL Contract

Space Systems/Loral will work with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to conduct design studies on a spacecraft for potential use in JPL’s Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission. The ARRM spacecraft will be built to land on an asteroid, extract a boulder, and redirect it into a lunar orbit in preparation for astronauts to visit in the 2020s, the company said Thursday. …

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