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NATO’s Alliance Ground Surveillance Force Gains Mission-Ready Status With Northrop-Built Global Hawk Drone

RQ-4D Northrop Grumman

NATO's Alliance Ground Surveillance force has achieved initial operating capability of a Northrop Grumman-made unmanned aircraft system designed to perform intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations. Northrop said Thursday its RQ-4D Phoenix Global Hawk aircraft gained Supreme Allied Commander Europe's approval for the IOC, allowing NATO to use the aircraft year-round.

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Boeing Delivers Final Updated AWACS Aircraft to NATO

Boeing has handed an updated airborne warning-and-control system aircraft over to NATO, the 14th and final platform the company modernized to help the international alliance comply with Europe’s navigation and air traffic management standards. NATO received the E-3A AWACS unit equipped with five digital displays for the flight crew to view …

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Danish Firm MyDefence, General Dynamics Integrate Counter UAS Sensors Into Land Vehicle

Denmark-based MyDefence Communication and General Dynamics‘ land systems business have equipped a light vehicle with sensors made to detect enemy unmanned aerial systems. MyDefence said Monday it developed networked radio-frequency sensors designed to help in-vehicle soldiers identify and dismantle drone threats, and General Dynamics supported the integration of this technology into …

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