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Juniper’s David Mihelcic: Federal IT Leaders Should Use Network Elements in Cyber Threat Detection

David Mihelcic, federal chief technology and strategy officer at Juniper Networks, has said federal information technology administrators should leverage firewalls, switches, routers and other network components to protect agency networks from cyber threats amid the prevalence of internet-connected devices. Mihelcic wrote in a FedTech guest post published Wednesday that agency …

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Vormetric Launches Thales Orchestration Tool to Manage Encryption

Thales‘ Vormetric company has unveiled a tool that works to provide security orchestration for the Vormetric Data Security Platform of products with encryption across data centers and cloud environments. Vormetric said Thursday the Thales Orchestrator is comprised of a patented system that helps deploy encryption and rotate encryption keys without taking applications offline as well as a cloud-based service …

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IBM Report: Analytics Tools Key to Enterprise Mobile Device Usage

IBM has released a report that aims to guide companies on how to use data analytics and enterprise mobile tools beyond customer relationship management to facilitate employee collaboration, decision-making and innovation. The IBM Institute for Business Value report titled, “The Individual Enterprise – How Mobility Redefines Business” is intended to help businesses establish the foundation …

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