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Teenager Jailed for Refusing to Give Up Computer Password

A British teenager has been jailed for refusing to give up his computer password in connection with being questioned for suspicion of possessing “indecent child images.”  The 19-year-old was originally arrested last May, and a spokesperson for Lancashire Constabulary told PC Pro the young male was questioned “on suspicion of …

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Report: Passwords Are, Like, So Not Cool

Report: Passwords Are, Like, So Not Cool - top government contractors - best government contracting event

Gone are the days of teens keeping their diaries under lock and key: Now, their deepest, darkest thoughts are for the world to see, according to new findings indicating that less than half of 18-25-year-olds across the United States, UK and Australia use passwords to protect their laptops and mobile …

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Symantec Survey Reveals Poor Password Security

Last week, security firm Symantec released a survey that revealed poor cyber hygiene on the part of respondents. Over 60 percent of respondents said they do not alter their passwords on a regular basis and 10 percent never change their passwords. Close to half of respondents utilize the same few …

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