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Tim Malia on Sikorsky’s X2 Helicopter Technology

Tim Malia, director of future vertical lift-light at Lockheed Martin’s Sikorsky subsidiary, told The War Zone in an interview published Wednesday about the X2 helicopter technology and its potential role in the development of FVL aircraft. “The term X2 technology refers to a suite of technologies developed by Sikorsky that enable the X2 aircraft to operate at high speed while improving operational capability, maneuverability, agility, survivability, and lethality at the landing zone,” Malia said.

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Report: Lockheed’s Sikorsky Links Raider Aircraft Hard Landing Incident to Flight Software Issues

Lockheed Martin’s Sikorsky subsidiary has found that issues associated with the flight control software caused the Aug. 2 hard landing incident involving the S-97 Raider aircraft prototype, Vertical Magazine reported Monday. The incident occurred as the prototype carried out a vertical take-off operation at the start of the test flight …

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