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Saab Completes Indiana Facility for T-7A Trainer’s Aft Fuselage Work

T-7A Red Hawk jet trainer

Saab has finished building a new site in West Lafayette, Indiana, that will accommodate aft fuselage production work for the T-7A Red Hawk jet trainer the company is developing with Boeing. The Boeing-Saab team designed the Red Hawk trainer platform for the U.S. Air Force and won a $9.2 billion contract in September 2018 to manufacture the aircraft as replacement to the service’s fleet of T-38 trainers.

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Saab Demos 3D-Printed Fighter Aircraft Component

3D-printed Gripen part

Saab flew a Gripen multirole fighter jet that includes a 3D-printed replacement hatch during a March 19 trial. The company said Tuesday it replicated the original hatch using a PA2200 nylon polymer and a 3D printer as part of efforts to understand how the process could accelerate the process for maintenance personnel to fix aircraft parts that were damaged while operating in remote missions.

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