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DARPA Reviews Satellite Servicing Robot Design

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has concluded a preliminary design review of a satellite servicing system being developed in collaboration with Maxar Technologies’ SSL subsidiary. DARPA said Friday results of the assessment showed that the Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites payload could operate for several years and repair at …

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SSL Aims to Advance In-Orbit Satellite Servicing Through NASA, DARPA Programs; Al Tadros Comments

Maxar Technologies’ SSL subsidiary plans to leverage its work with NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to build up its in-orbit satellite servicing business, SpaceNews reported Monday. SSL works with DARPA to build a vehicle designed to repair, inspect, refuel and install payloads into satellites operating in geostationary orbit through the …

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NOAA’s Tahara Dawkins: Satellite Servicing Industry Needs Govt Support

Tahara Dawkins, director of the commercial remote sensing regulatory affairs office at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has said she believes government regulators should help in-orbit satellite servicing systems reach commercial viability, C4ISRNET reported Friday. “If we restrict this industry to a place where they’re not commercially viable, then this …

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