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    'White House' Christmas Card Laced with Malware

    Cyber crooks used a fake White House email Christmas card to steal data from law enforcement, military and government workers, although analysts said no classified information was compromised, The Associated Press reports. The Christmas tree-decorated e-card prompted recipients to click on a link, which then downloaded the Zeus malware commonly used to steal passwords and […] More

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    Russians Criminals Use Botnets for Check Counterfeiting

    A security researcher has discovered a Russian cyber crime gang that uses botnets to steal and print millions of dollars worth of false invoices. The gang then recruits money mules to cash the counterfeit checks. The scam, which is highly automated, begins with the infiltration of online check archiving and verification services which often store […] More

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    Banks Under Siege in Eastern Europe

    A group of cyber criminals are placing banks in Russia and the Ukraine under siege with a next-generation exploitation kit that hacks the authentication system and uses a denial of service attack. The attacks use a revised version of BlackEnergy, which was commonly used in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The criminals are using […] More

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    Trojans Take a Page from Microsoft Playbook

    Hardware providers often utilize anti-piracy controls to keep their products from being copied and sold or used illegally. Virus writers have now taken the concept and applied it to their Trojan offerings. According the The Register, the newest version of the Zeus Trojan kit utilizes product activation technology similar to that employed by Microsoft Windows. […] More

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    Russian Attack Botnet Now Used for Domestic Financial Crimes

    Russian botnets are commonly used by cyber criminals to target victims in predominately Western nations, such as the U.S., Germany, France and UK. However, Joe Stewart, a researcher with SecureWorks, has found that a Russian botnet is now being used to target domestic financial institutions using a plug-in that does not require the hacker to […] More

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    New Banking Trojan Found

    Security researchers with SecureWorks have discovered a new banking Trojan, which is used by cyber criminals to siphon off millions of dollars. The so-called Bugat Trojan looks to exploit wire transfer and Automated Clearing House transactions, which are used by smaller businesses. The Trojan uses malware commonly used in other financial cyber crimes. These include: […] More

  • Need a Job? Cyber Criminals are Hiring... - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    Need a Job? Cyber Criminals are Hiring…

    Everyone agrees the present job market is tough as unemployment in the United States is in the double digits. Well, cyber criminals are stepping into the gap, seeking to hire individuals willing to infect computers with malware, according to an article on Two cyber criminal organizations that have previously been involved with credit card […] More

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