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Tony Frazier on Maxar’s Use of Commercial Tech to Support National Security Missions

Tony Frazier EVP Maxar Technologies

Tony Frazier, executive vice president of global field operations at Maxar Technologies and a four-time Wash100 awardee, said the company uses commercial technology advancements to help the U.S. government manage national security operations and address various threats from near peer competitors, the ongoing global health crisis and extreme weather events.

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DARPA Names Top Five Teams in Subterranean Challenge Virtual Tunnel Circuit Event

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announces the top five performing teams that competed in a DARPA challenge, which evaluated the capability of software-based tools to detect artifacts in simulated tunnel environments. The agency said Wednesday eight self-funded and DARPA-backed teams developed and tested software for their set of robots and sensors designed to explore tunnels in simulated environments as part of the Subterranean Challenge Virtual Tunnel Circuit event.

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Northrop Advances GaN Tech Development for Military Systems in Multidomain Battlespace

Northrop Grumman develops gallium nitride and other semiconductor materials for integration with radars, sensors and other electronic warfare systems to support warfighters as they operate in the multidomain battlespace. The company said Wednesday it produces GaN and other semiconductors through its advanced technology laboratory, which runs as a Pentagon trusted foundry and has delivered over 8M components used to support missions across maritime, space and other domains.

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NTT DATA’s Shamlan Siddiqi on Six Focus Areas of Government IT Modernization

Shamlan Siddiqi, chief technology officer of NTT DATA’s public sector business, has said the federal government should advance information technology modernization in order to meet the needs and expectations of citizens. He wrote in a white paper that IT modernization is now a necessity and government agencies should plan for that modernization effort by focusing on six areas: data and intelligence; customer experience; internet of things; intelligent automation; cybersecurity; and IT optimization.

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Perspecta Labs’ Tony Bogovic on Three Strategies to Defend Network Infrastructure Against DDoS Attacks

Tony Bogovic, vice president of advanced consulting and engineering at Perspecta Labs, has said government agencies and companies should implement strategies to protect and defend network infrastructure against distributed denial-of-service attacks and other cyber threats. Bogovic wrote in an article published Tuesday on Fifth Domain that one of the strategies agencies could adopt is to disperse or decentralize high-value information assets and servers that are being targeted by threat actors.

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