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DigitalGlobe to Extend Support for PSMA Australia’s Continent-Wide Mapping Project

An Australian government-owned company has awarded DigitalGlobe a follow-on contract to provide a geospatial content management platform for a mapping initiative that seeks to host information on more than 15 million buildings across Australia. PSMA Australia will implement DigitalGlobe’s Geospatial Big Data platform to generate geospatial content and location information for PSMA’s Geoscape continent-scale mapping product, DigitalGlobe said Wednesday. Shay Har-Noy, DigitalGlobe …

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Tech Firms Demo UAV Airspace Services; Shay Har-Noy Comments

DigitalGlobe, Harris, PrecisionHawk and Verizon have combined their technologies to demonstrate airspace services the companies intend for use in unmanned aerial vehicle operations. PrecisionHawk said Monday the test incorporated Verizon’s LTE network, Harris’ Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast and aircraft surveillance network, DigitalGlobe’s geospatial big data platform and PrecisionHawk’s Low Altitude Traffic and Airspace …

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DigitalGlobe Adds New Clients to Geospatial Big Data Platform; Sean Anklam, Shay Har-Noy Comment

Exogenesis has subscribed to DigitalGlobe’s geospatial big data platform in a move to develop new products based on data analysis. DigitalGlobe will provide Exogenesis with access to its algorithms and library of high-resolution satellite imagery gathered over a 15-year period, DigitalGlobe said Wednesday. Sean Anklam, president of Exogenesis, said the …

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