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    'Yemeni Assassin' Attempts Extortion

    A man in England was baffled to find himself the target of Yemeni assassins who claimed to have been hired to “terminate” him with extreme prejudice. Charles Anderson told The Register he received an email from a “Gladlord Mohammed” informing him that “i have being paid $200,000.00 in advance to terminate you with some reasons […] More

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    Cyber Crime on Rise in Switzerland

    Reported instances of cyber crime are on the rise in Switzerland, according to Swiss authorities. The reported incidents increased by approximately 1,000 between 2008 and 2009. In 2009, 7,541 instances were reported, most of which dealt with spam and pornography. Complaints surrounding pornography grew dramatically to 1,364, while spam remained steady at 1,496. Instances of […] More

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    Facebook Recommends Spam Profiles to Users

    A feature on Facebook designed to suggest new friends to users is also pushing spam profiles, according to security researchers. Researchers with F-Secure say the “People You May Know” section of Facebook appears to utilize search history in providing options for possible new connections. “I frequently search for spam related keywords, and today, two spam […] More

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    Spammers Use 'Disposable' Domains to Prevent Shutdowns

    Spammers and botnet operators have been reported as using disposable domains for their activities to evade security technologies. According to research by security firm M86 Security Labs, spammers are buying dozens of domains at a time and moving from one to another as often as several times a day to avoid getting shut down. For […] More

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    Spammers Made June 'Month of Malware'

    The loss of several zombie networks due to legal actions caused spammers to up their criminal activities to make up for lost revenue, making June the month of malware, according to Symantec's State of Spam & Phishing Report of June. In 2010, malware levels never rose above 3 percent of all spam, even on days […] More

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    Spammers Favorite Topic Now: FIFA World Cup

    In its June 2010 MessageLabs Intelligence Report, Symantec highlighted how the amount of spam related to the keywords of soccer and football since March 2010 has reached 25 percent of overall spam as the World Cup continues. Holidays such as St. Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas are occasions that receive a great deal of […] More

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    Zeus Malware Distributed via Terror-Themed Spam

    Spammers are notorious for latching on to the most recent trend in an effort to increase click rates. Recently, a spam campaign containing Zeus malware utilized recent concerns over terrorism to send messages which appeared to be sent by the Department of Homeland Security, TSA and DoD. Researchers at Sophos Labs have discovered the low-yield […] More

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    Indonesian Government Hacked over World Cup

    Spammers and other cyber miscreants are already taking advantage of the World Cup, spreading malware and spam featuring World Cup related ads and emails. However, a security researcher at Kaspersky Labs has discovered a new attack, that appears to not focus on collecting money. “The attack was on the Indonesian government Web server,” Dmitry Bestuzhev […] More

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    World Cup Good for Spammers

    The World Cup begins today and spammers have already joined the party, releasing spam messages that target individuals searching for World Cup information. Presently, the amount of World Cup-related spam is relatively small compared to total spam amounts but it has increased, according to F-Secure. “It’s still just a small percentage of spam overall (under […] More

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    Malaysian Police Bust Texting Scam

    Police in Malaysia has broken up an alleged text message spam scam ring which believed to have netted over $1 million. The ring included 26 people, one Malaysian and the rest foreigners, and was responsible for taking RM6.4m ($1.9m) between 2006 and April 2010 in fake lottery scams. Federal Commercial Crimes Investigations Department (CCID) head […] More

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    Simple Economics is the Answer to Cyber Attacks

    Carefully crafted targeted attacks using social engineering can be extremely difficult for users to detect. However, despite the rise in the use of social engineering, most people are still receiving generic spam campaigns instead. Why? Economics provides the answer, according to a Microsoft researcher speaking at the at the WEIS 2010 workshop. “The profit is […] More

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