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    ISP Forced to Pay $807,000 in Spam Case

    An internet service provider (ISP) has been ordered to pay a $807,000 fee after a judge ruled that the spam case the company filed was “groundless.” Asis Internet Services has filed over twenty lawsuits alleging spam attacks by users. Earlier this month, the company won $2.6 million in a separate spam lawsuit. In the most […] More

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    Spammers to Pay $2.6 million

    An Internet service provider (ISP) was recently awarded $2.6 million in restitution as the result of a lawsuit filed against a company that sent out 25,000 spam messages. Asis Internet Services, a small ISP, filed the lawsuit against the principles of Find a Quote. Judge Elizabeth D. Laporte of the US District Court in Northern […] More

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    Despite Hitting Back at Botnets, Spam Remains Level

    In recent months, several botnets have been taken down through a variety of legal and technical methods. However, according to Google survey, spam levels have remained stable despite these supposed disruptions. In spite of the recent take-downs of the Mariposa, Zeus and Waledac botnets, Google Postini has found that these actions had little long term […] More

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    Twitter Spam Targets Users with iPad Offers

    As the new Apple iPad becomes all the rage, cyber criminals are tapping into the new fad in spamming attacks on Twitter. Users who discuss or even mention the iPad are assailed by spam bots offering “Brand new iPad Take it for free.” The link takes the user to a promotional website that asks the […] More

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    Email Users Still Like Spam

    A significant percentage of Internet users continue to interact with spam messages according to a recent report released by the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG). The report is a based on a survey of users in North American and Western Europe. While around 80 million respondents are aware of the existence of botnets, tens of […] More

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    Zbot Trojan Targets European Banks

    A new Trojan spreading primarily in Europe is attempting to steal sensitive information from financial institutions and their high-profile customers, including passwords and usernames. The main targets have been reported to be four European banks with large customer bases in Italy, England, Germany and France, including Crédit Mutuel och Abbey National, according to Trend Micro. […] More

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    Phishing for Tweets: Phishing Attack Hits Twitter

    Over the weekend, Twitter users were subjected to a new wave of phishing attacks which allowed a mass wave of spam to be sent from compromised accounts. The malware was distributed by posting messages claiming to portray humorous updates, according to an article on The Register. The links send unsuspecting users to a false Twitter […] More

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    Scam and Phishing Increased as Percentage of Spam in January

    The incidents of scam and phishing attacks increased as a percentage of overall spam in January according to a report released by security firm Symantec. The report, which is published monthly, analyzes the number of scam and phishing attacks as a percentage of spam traffic. Both the increase in 419 Nigerian spam and the disaster […] More

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    Social Networking Scammers Use Porn

    Pornography is a favorite medium used by cyber criminals to attract potential victims, with fake pornographic sites collecting data from unsuspecting users and infected sites distributing malware to visitors. Scammers who seek to exploit victims using social networking are now employing this tried and true method as well, according to an article on The Register. […] More

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    Only 5% of Email is Not Spam Says Research Group

    The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), a European cyber security agency, has released a report that claims 95 percent of email is spam. ENISA surveyed ESPs from 27 European countries and found that less than 5 percent of email is actually delivered to inboxes because of anti-spam programs. Dr. Udo Helmbrecht, Executive Director […] More

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    Security Researchers Go on Offensive

    A security firm and ISPs have colluded to take down the command and control servers of the Lethic botnet, according to an article on The Register.  Neustar, a security research firm, along with cooperation from ISPs, were able to attack the servers of the Lethic botnet, which was used in distributing spam. This is the […] More

  • Canadian Cyber Crime Center Suffers in Recession - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    Canadian Cyber Crime Center Suffers in Recession

    The recent recession has hit a number of jobs throughout the world, with cut backs in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing. Now, it appears cybersecurity efforts are also falling victim to the troubled economic times. The Global Centre to Secure Cyberspace, or CyberPol, a center in Canada, has lost a $50 million donation and […] More

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