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Air Force OKs Raytheon Technologies-Made Weapon for F-15 Mission Deployment

F-15E carrying StormBreaker weapon

The U.S. Air Force has authorized a Raytheon Technologies-built “smart” weapon for fielding on Air Combat Command's F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft following a recent test at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The StormBreaker munition uses a multimode seeker technology with infrared, semi-active laser and millimeter wave radar guidance technologies that can work alongside GPS and inertial navigation systems to reach targets over 40 miles away from the aircraft, the company said Tuesday.

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Raytheon, Air Force to Begin Operational Test of ‘StormBreaker’ Seeker Tech

A Raytheon-developed seeker technology has entered the operational testing phase following completion of an operational test readiness assessment this spring. StormBreaker, formerly called the Small Diameter Bomb II, is designed to help U.S. Air Force pilots hit moving targets from standoff ranges even in low-visibility operations, Raytheon said Monday. Operational test flights are scheduled …

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