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DARPA Selects Teams for Subterranean Navigation Challenge

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has selected nine teams to take part in a competition that aims to innovate on the navigation of man-made tunnels, urban underground locations and natural caves. The two-track Subterranean Integration Exercise challenges teams from universities and companies to apply robotics, sensor and communications technologies as they remotely navigate through the Edgar Experimental Mine in Idaho Springs, Colo., this April, DARPA said Tuesday.

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Nine Teams to Participate in DARPA’s Underground Navigation Tech Development Contest

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has chosen nine multidisciplinary teams to develop approaches to explore underground environments as part of DARPA’s Subterranean Challenge. Participants will aim to produce technology platforms in the areas of autonomy, perception, networking and mobility for potential use by first responders and warfighters, DARPA said Wednesday. SubT is …

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