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Symantec’s Chris Townsend: CDM Program Could Help Agencies Improve Cyber Functionality

Chris Townsend, vice president of federal at Symantec, said federal agencies should use the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program as a “springboard” to build up their cybersecurity posture. “For many, that will include a defense-in-depth approach where they build their security architecture into a cohesive system structured around network and data visibility,” Townsend wrote in a GCN article published Friday.

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Symantec’s Chris Townsend: Federal Gov’t Needs AI, Machine Learning to Stay Head of Cyber Threats

Chris Townsend, vice president of federal at Symantec, has said federal agencies should adopt machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation technologies and other novel platforms to protect networks from evolving cyber threats. Townsend wrote in an article published Monday on FedTech Magazine that such technologies could help address some visibility gaps associated with overly complicated platforms.

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