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CA Technologies' Mike Gregoire: Federal Govt Should Adopt “˜Built-to-Change' Approach in IT Modernization

Mike Gregoire, CEO of CA Technologies, has said federal government agencies should transition from the “built-to-last“ concept to the “built-to-change“ approach when modernizing information technology systems in an effort to protect IT infrastructure and data from security threats. Gregoire wrote in a Nextgov article published Thursday that the built-to-change concept …

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FireEye Study: Chinese Hacker Group Uses Obfuscation Method to Target Websites

FireEye has collaborated with Microsoft to analyze a command and control obfuscated tool that attempted to compromise the security of a Microsoft-run information technology community portal. FireEye said Thursday it determined that the China-based hacker group APT17 employed an obfuscation method to encode C2 communications on Microsoft TechNet website’s profile …

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New NIST Website Details Forthcoming Strategy for Trusted IDs in Cyberspace

Just days after Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke announced a proposed Identity Ecosystem, the National Institute of Standards and Technology launched a new website with more information on the Obama administration's forthcoming National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, which seeks to help establish voluntary identity solutions and privacy-enhancing technologies …

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