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SSL Demos Solar Electric Spacecraft Propulsion Tech; Dario Zamarian Quoted

SSL demonstrated its solar electric propulsion system on two communications satellites that were launched into geostationary orbit this year. The Maxar Technologies subsidiary said Wednesday SPT-140 is an updated version of the SPT-100 electric thruster that has supported 34 missions and logged more than 100K firing hours. SPT-140 is designed to use the Power Processing Unit 140 and …

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SSL, NASA Partner on Two ‘Tipping Point’ Space Tech Platforms; Richard White Quoted

NASA has picked Maxar Technologies’ SSL subsidiary to develop two spacecraft technologies under the agency’s Tipping Point program. SSL will work with NASA through a public-private partnership to demonstrate an in-orbit fuel transfer system to support on-orbit refueling and servicing missions, Maxar said Monday. The company and the space agency will also …

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NASA, Blue Origin Partner to Leverage Moon Landing Technologies; Kim Cannon Quoted

NASA’s Langley Research Center has partnered with Blue Origin through a Tipping Point solicitation to leverage sensor suites for lunar landing missions. The space agency said Friday the effort will integrate and test Langley’s Navigation Doppler Lidar technology, Terrain Relative Navigation and altimetry sensors aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard vertical …

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