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General Atomics Completes Superconductor Winding Process on Central Solenoid’s 1st Fusion Power Generator Module

General Atomics has fused approximately 240,000 pounds of superconductor to build the first module of the core of a tokamak facility designed to generate fusion energy. The initial module will be part of the Central Solenoid, an electromagnetic structure composed of six modules that will serve as the central part of …

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General Atomics Begins Central Solenoid Fabrication for Int’l Fusion Energy Project

General Atomics has begun the fabrication of the central solenoid for an experimental tokamak fusion reactor as part of U.S. participation in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project on the potential of fusion energy. The company said Friday the ITER central solenoid is a superconducting electromagnet weighing at 1,000 tons with a stored energy …

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