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Intel Survey: Cyber Pros Cite Corporate Policies, Industry Regulations as Barriers to Info Exchanges

Intel Survey: Cyber Pros Cite Corporate Policies, Industry Regulations as Barriers to Info Exchanges - top government contractors - best government contracting event

A survey from Intel's security business says 42 percent of security professionals have adopted shared cyber threat intelligence in an effort to protect their companies' networks from potential cyber attacks. Intel Security polled 500 security professionals across different industries in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific in 2015 about their knowledge of …

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Android Users Beware: Mobile Malware May Be Recording Your Calls

These days, mobile technologies have seemingly endless possibilities. The efficiency and portability of new software applications for technologies on-the-go have both consumers and providers alike excited about the future of the industry. Like all new technologies, however, mobile devices’ evolving capabilities have introduced a surge of new security threats. Cyber …

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New 'Geinimi' Trojan Targets Android Devices

A new Trojan affecting Android devices has recently emerged in China, and security researchers say the malware can compromise a significant amount of personal data on a user's phone and send it to remote servers. Dubbed “Geinimi,“ this Trojan is the first Android malware in the wild that displays botnet-like …

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Cyber Grinches Spread Malware via Holiday-themed Tweets

Cyber criminals are exploiting Twitter to spread malware using festive-themed messages and taking advantage of trending topics to position malware distribution campaigns, PandaLabs reports. With the commencement of the holiday season, topics such as “Advent calendar,” “Hanukkah,” or even “Grinch” have become the most popular subjects used by hackers to …

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Notorious Worm Stuxnet Used in Poisoned Search Results

Cyber crooks are now taking advantage of the infamous Stuxnet worm as a way to deploy malicious code. Trend Micro researcher Ivan Macalintal has discovered poisoned search results leveraging on this notorious malware threat. Among the search strings used in this blackhat SEO campaign were “stuxnet SCADA,“ “stuxnet removal tool,“ …

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10 Tell-Tale Signs of PC Infection

10 Tell-Tale Signs of PC Infection - top government contractors - best government contracting event

While many of today’s cyber threats have been designed to go unnoticed , there are still some tell-tale signs a computer system has been compromised. PandaLabs has released a guide for identifying those signs of computer infection, including sluggish performance, missing files, and disabled security components. The guide encourages computer …

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Zeus Trojan Spreading Through Zip Files

The Zeus Trojan is back again, looking to spread through zip files. Zeus, which is one of the most commonly found pieces of malware, is believed to be one of the most prevalent on the Internet, infected millions of users. Researchers with F-Secure have found a new spam set working …

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