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  • Washington Post's "The Download" Emerges From "The Down Low" - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    Washington Post’s “The Download” Emerges From “The Down Low”

    Several years into writing Washington Post’s “The Download” column, Shannon Henry published an entry in December of 2004 that queried local technology players on what trends might emerge during the coming year. More specifically, Henry addressed how, depending on the prevailing economic and entrepreneurial climate, the region’s tech identity wavered between that of a government […] More

  • Surprise Washington, DC...You're Having Twins! - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    Surprise Washington, DC…You’re Having Twins!

    Whether the Greater Washington technology community likes it or not, it has twins. Two distinct – and often siloed – communities that split along generational, cultural and operational lines. On one side, you have the young, vibrant social media entrepreneurs focused on disruptive solutions to break through the Web 2.0 scene. Then, there is another […] More

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