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Lockheed, AWS Partner to Facilitate Satellite Data Access; Rick Ambrose Quoted

Amazon Web Services and Lockheed Martin have agreed to combine their technology platforms to provide clients the capability to download and upload satellite data and commands. Lockheed will integrate its Verge antenna network with the AWS Ground Station to help users quickly download, analyze and process satellite data amid weather disturbances …

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AWS Adds Serverless Computing Service to GovCloud Region

Amazon Web Services has begun to offer a serverless computing service in the company’s GovCloud isolated cloud region for U.S. government customers. AWS said Thursday the AWS Lambda computing service is designed to help developers run code in GovCloud without provisioning or managing servers. Lambda works to execute code when needed and charge users …

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HP Enterprise Services, UNIT4 to Host UK Education Cloud Platform

HP Enterprise Services has teamed with UNIT4 Business Software to host a cloud computing platform for U.K. education institutions to use software-as-a-service tools, ITProPortal.com reported Thursday. Jamie Hinks writes that HP will also deploy Virtual Private Cloud as an infrastructure-as-a-service offering. “At a time of great change for the education sector, clients …

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