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Charles River Analytics to Update Concussion Assessment Tech for Army Medical Responders

Charles River Analytics has secured Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity funds to advance a virtual reality technology designed to help military first responders examine brain injury cases on the battlefield. The company said Monday it will equip the ADVISOR-Tethered Forward Deployable platform with a ruggedized screening kit comprised of a head-mounted display and a graphics and data processing unit.

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Lockheed, Brigham Young University Partner to Apply Gaming Tech in Digital Engineering

Brigham Young University and Lockheed Martin will collaborate on the application of gaming technology to help users interact with, record and share engineering designs in virtual reality environments. Lockheed said Tuesday the project is part of a research grant awarded to BYU’s mechanical engineering department for the development of a VR training and design review system that …

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Army Taps Charles River Analytics to Build New Soldier Operational Readiness Assessment & Diagnosis Tool

Charles River Analytics has received a potential two-year, $1 million contract from the U.S. Army to develop a new system for the assessment and diagnosis of vestibular indicators of soldier operational readiness. Charles River said Monday the follow-on ADVISOR contract will fund work to create an in-field vestibular assessment platform that …

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